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Version 5.0 Coming

Hi Everyone!

I must apologize, I haven’t updated the site in a while but I’ve been hard at work on the next update.  You asked for it, you got it…Complex Numbers will be in the next release.  Here’s the current change-list for the next update:

  • Complex Numbers (free version will be limited to rectangular form).
  • New hybrid (prefix and postfix) input system.
  • Expression View now allows you to backspace(DEL) through your entire calculation.
  • Added unit-conversions for Density, Torque, Angle and Android DPI.
  • Updates for Lollipop Devices including ripple animations.
  • Improved contextual drop-down menu.
  • Gamma functionality has been merged into Factorial.
  • Various keyboard changes.
  • New App Icons

So, you’re probably wondering when will it release? I am almost done with the implementation and soon will be into the testing phase.  There were a ton of internal changes to accommodate complex numbers so I expect testing to take at least a month.  I’ll keep you posted but here’s a quick selfie:



Version 4.0.2 Released

Version 4.0.2 has been released with a fix for the misspelling of Microjoules in the Conversion Dialog.


Version 4.0.1 Released

I have just released version 4.0.1 with a minor style change to the Android Navigation Drawer menu.


Version 4.0 Released!

Hi all, I have just released version 4.0 to the Google Play store and also now to the the Amazon App Store! All screen shots have been updated on here. I really hope everyone likes the new themes.

Here is the basic changelist:

– Full theme makeover (12 full / 5 free).
– Memory storage increased to 10 registers.
– Holding CLR/CLS now clears history when using the Expression display.
– Added the description to the results page of the Conversion dialog.
– Reduced some extra parentheses in expressions.
– Some double-negative expressions now cancel each other out.
– Performance and memory usage improved.
– Changed 0^0 to equal ‘Error’.
– Changed 0th root of N to equal ‘Error’.

I am very sorry but upgrading from the previous version will wipe your history and settings back to defaults.


Rounding 3rd Base

The new update is mostly finished but I have a LOT of polish to do.  I can’t wait to share the new themes with everyone as I think you’ll really like them. In the current full-version app, there are 8 themes and of those: 2 will stay, 1 is getting a slight tweak and 5 will be going bye-bye. I am then adding another 9 themes (yes 9) for a total of 12 in the full version. There’s a bit more variety now too.  The free version will now have a total of 5 themes. Stay tuned for more details!